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Integrating Digital Cyber into your existing infrastructure

Digital Cyber easily integrates with your existing infrastructure, including SIEM dashboards, SOC environments or any other downstream ticketing and alerting tool. This allows security teams to adopt Digital Cyber without changing existing business processes and working practices.

Digital Cyber is compatible with all major SIEMs that support the industry-standard Common Event Format (CEF) and Log Event Extended Format (LEEF). These include providers such as ArcSight, LogRhythm, QRadar and Splunk. Digital Cyber can also be configured to trigger alerts when the most serious threats are detected.

Digital Cyber can also support a range of deployment strategies for different Security Operations Center (SOC) environments, from continuous monitoring and alerting, to dedicated threat hunting. Digital Cyber models define the conditions under which Digital Cyber will notify an operator of an event. These events are surfaced within the Digital Cyber Threat Visualizer but may also be issued to external systems or be actively queried via the Digital Cyber API.

Digital Cyber’s enterprise-grade API also offers straightforward HTTPS access to all data available within the Digital Cyber platform. This allows for rapid customized exporting, integration and orchestration of the Digital Cyber data.

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