SAR Request

Process SARs in minutes, not days

The Digital Cyber platform provides automated, intuitive and rapid processing of subject access requests (SARs), substantially reducing costs and decreasing disruption to your organisation.

After 25th May 2018, when the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, organisations can no longer charge for producing SARs. This means you should prepare for a significant increase in the number of requests your organisation handles. In a recent survey 57% of individuals said they would want to request their data as there is now no cost.

SARs can be over 800 Pages Long.

Where do we start?

Subject access requests can cross many business units, departments, systems, processes and people. Often the only way to deal with them has been to email line management and request printed copies of the information requested, corralling that information then sending it to the customer via courier.

There’s an easier way.

Use Technology

Connect to all of the sources of your customer data; emails, databases, word documents and spreadsheets, in your fileshares or in the cloud. Build an index of all of that information so that you can search it, instantly. Use machine learning to help guide you to all of the right and less of the wrong information. Manage your SARs online and track them as they progress.

The Digital Cyber platform continuously indexes all of your organisation’s data, meaning producing a subject access request is simple, quick and efficient:

Process, redact and produce SARs directly from the Digital Cyber platform, without needing to scan or photocopy information

SAR dashboard shows you where you are with cases, and who you’re waiting on

Create simple templates to enable untrained users to find information relating to an individual

Review documents without needing to access the originals

Use machine learning to identify and redact personal and commercial information

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