Antigena Autonomy Response

Digital Cyber Antigena

Autonomous response to in-progress cyber-threats

Powered by Digital Cyber’s multi-award-winning AI, Digital Cyber Antigena is an autonomous response solution that takes action against in-progress cyber-threats, limiting damage and stopping their spread in real time.

The technology works like a digital antibody, intelligently generating measured and proportionate responses when a threatening incident arises, without impacting normal business operations. This ability to contain threats using proven AI is a game-changer for security teams, who benefit from the critical time needed to catch up and avoid major damage.

Digital Cyber Antigena works across your business and is offered in two modules: Antigena Network, which takes action in the network and in the cloud, and Antigena Email, which delivers preemptive protection against email-borne attack campaigns.

Proven to protect

Hundreds of organizations rely on Digital Cyber Antigena to take targeted, real-time actions in response to significant cyber-threats. By enforcing an organization’s normal ‘pattern of life,’ Digital Cyber Antigena generates and executes actions to stop in-progress ransomware and insider threat, compliance breaches, malware, and other threats, saving the security team valuable time in triaging and responding to threat alerts.

Get started with Antigena

Digital Cyber Antigena is customizable and controllable, allowing customers to stay in the driving seat, and transition to a fuller use of AI in their enterprise.

The system can be configured in one of two modes to allow for varying degrees of automation. In ‘Human Confirmation Mode,’ Digital Cyber Antigena generates responses which must be validated by the security team before action is taken. This allows you to build confidence in Antigena’s decision-making before switching to Active Mode, where the system is fully autonomous.

Key Benefits

Surgically neutralizes threats while sustaining normal operations

Automatically responds within seconds, buying teams time to catch up

Configured according to your risk appetite

Controlled on the move via the Digital Cyber Mobile App

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