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Search your organisation’s sensitive information. Index files in any format from sources like cloud, file shares and mail servers. Locate passwords, customer information, credit card numbers, salaries and company confidential records.


Understand the what, where, who and why of your organisation’s information. Identify content, intent, sentiment and spot sensitive information across millions of documents. Profile your sensitive, legislative, regulatory and aged information.


Build a Data Map, Monitor, or push actions to data owners & business systems such as Classify, Modify, Move & Delete. Govern your information estate and enable automated policy enforcement.

Connect to a range of data sources

Intelligent Classification

Intelligent Classification automates the process of identifying patterns in documents and categorizing them for protection, accessibility or deletion. Categories are defined by anything a user can search for, such as document markings, location, authorship, accessibility or contents. The Digital Cyber system uses machine learning to recognize the shared characteristics of documents in a category and automatically and intelligently classifies new documents into the category that they are most similar to.



Get a top level view of your data and drilldown to the minutest level – and then view the results.


Quickly construct advanced queries and easily search your documents for exactly what you’re looking for.


Quickly identify sensitive Personally Identifiable Information across millions of documents.


Whether analyzing Gigabytes or Petabytes of data, the Digital Cyber platform will help you understand your data.

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Find every document about the same thing as an individual document, ranked by similarity.


Export analysis results in an easy to use format.

Metadata and Content

Explore any combination of file system metadata, document metadata and content.


Connect to data sources within your organisation or in the cloud.

Deployment Options


Secure Hosting


On Prem

Managed Services

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